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since im going on a vacation (gonna be kinda inactive for the next 2 weeks soz) i’ve decided to do a promo (yayy first one in ages) but first


  • must be following me
  • reblogs only, likes dont count but you can like this post for future reference
  • must reach 125 notes (keep in mind that this is a big promo) or forget that this ever happened
  • ends on august 5
  • this is a big promo and each winner can only win a maximum of 1 category (this isnt the APMAS, duh)


  • best urls (5)
  • best themes (5)
  • best posts (5)
  • best edits/gifs (4)
  • best atl blogs (4)
  • best ptv blogs (4)
  • best tonight alive blogs (3)
  • best paramore blogs (4)
  • best fob blogs (4)
  • best mcr blogs (4)
  • best adtr blogs (if there’s any)
  • best bmth blogs (if there’s any)
  • best band blogs (5)
  • best overall (5)

good luck everyone!

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Anonymous: I need your advice on how to crowd surf

1. Dont fall

2. Dont crowd surf when your 5ft from the barrier. 

3. Tie your shoes

4. Dont fall

5. Watch where your fucking feet go. 

-Sincerely, girl who got kicked and hit by shoes and people at Warped Tour during Attila XD (im not complaining tho)  

*And for all you people that will be offended by this. I crowd surf too. But i’ve been hit too. So i watch what the fuck im doing.*

Anonymous: No I'm not 14! I'm almost 18!! Advice c:

Well you gonna wanna lure them in with some pizza then push them in your ca- WHAT?! Nooooooo XD Don’t do that please cx Umm i say just if you get the chance to meet them be calm and don’t freak out. It helps to talk to them before and after the show so they recognize you. Again don’t go all fangirl on them cx Talk to them like the normal person they are. lol This is all from personal experience and i’m quite close to a few bands because i treated them like normal people and be nice lol c:

Anonymous: I have this massive crush on this guy, what should I do?

Is it a band member?